Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data

Are there Sentinel-2 based cloudless images available for this area and this time period? How do I calibrate reflectance values between multiple images of the same area?

Analysis Ready Data provides automated satellite data preprocessing and delivery to your system. The product is a perfect balance of accessibility and normalized multi-channel data with all Sentinel-2 bands. We save your time and money by enabling GIS-people to focus on what counts, interpretation and analysis of data.

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Main benefits

Any area of interest of any size from any time period

Automatic Image mosaicing, no work hours spent searching for images

Atmospheric and radiometric correction

Output as GeoTIFF or JPEG2000


Handling raw satellite imagery for a given area requires a considerable amount of both random access and solid-state memory. An average laptop is simply not powerful enough to handle downloading, selecting and mosaicing tens of satellite images. Manually selecting cloud-free images for full coverage takes valuable work hours. Not to mention automating the process to support a constantly updating service.


Analysis Ready was originally created from an internal demand to be able to get analysis-ready satellite data as uniform and as quickly as possible. We have tried, tested, and seen the pain points in our daily work. With each iteration, Analysis Ready has become faster, more robust, and able to handle even larger amounts of data. The mosaicing and cloud detection algorithms have been developed and fine-tuned to make the most out of industrial-grade servers in the cloud.

Competitive pricing

Our core expertise in handling large amounts of geospatial data, managing and optimizing to cut costs and shorten delivery times on each iteration. We have built a system that scales up or down, depending on demand. We have no idle servers.

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Terramonitor Analysis Ready service provides automated satellite data preprocessing and delivery to your system. We save your time and money by enabling GIS people to focus on what counts: interpretation and analysis of data.

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Perfect colours for human eye

The best kind of vanilla with true colours

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A lens into a different dimension for example with infrared

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Find vegetation with Vegetation Levels (NDVI)

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