Change Monitoring

Intelligent and automated detection of changes

Terramonitor's Change Monitoring allows change tracking in various industries. The automated service ensures up-to-date information straight to your work station. We keep you informed about the changes in your environment.

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Monitor forest areas

  • Detect clear cuts and thinnings
  • Follow the progress of logging operations
  • Be informed about illegal loggings

This demo map visualizes the results for Change Monitoring of clear cuts (as red) and thinnings (as yellow).

Agrivideos of fields

  • Follow the growth of the fields
  • Identify different growth phases
  • Analyze the vitality of the fields

This demo video shows the results for monitoring of fields during a growing season.

Monitor new infrastructure

  • Detect e.g. road networks, powerlines, construction sites
  • Follow the progress of projects
  • Analyze and mitigate the risks

This demo map allows you to compare the building process for a new highway in Warsaw, Poland.

Automatization for optimal processes

Keeping up with changes can be challenging. Sometimes even finding the right data can become a time-consuming process and without proper information, making well-informed decisions is a demanding task.

To simplify data processing Terramonitor has developed Change Monitoring. Automated processing chains utilizing AI take care of preprocessing satellite images, detecting the changes, and updating the results.

Don't miss a change

Our automated Change Monitoring can handle areas of any size. All detected changes are timestamped to easily find out when the change has been monitored. Satellite image based service ensures constant monitoring and delivery of new results whenever something has changed.

Benefits of change monitoring

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