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We can deliver any satellite images on the world. We enable easy access to the desired source and quality - as a service. Our service includes technical feasibility, satellite tasking, data acquiring and pre-processing of the images in the form you desire. Satellite image service can be combined with map hosting or analysing ready data to integrate the images and data to your existing system or you can have it in the user-friendly form at your disposal for further processing. Either way, we enable workflow from Space to your screen.

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Here are some examples of the different type of images that we offer, the spatial accuracy is what one pixel on a screen stands in real life. We can provide any satellite-based data from the world, contact us for more information.

Thematic images that will suit your needs

Compare our true color and false color images

Explore what isn't visible for our eyes

Compare our true color and NDVI images

Detect changes with updating images

Compare our true color and 3rd party images

What resolutions are available

High resolution

High resolution, under one-meter accuracy, can be used for many purposes to detect constructions, housing or even single trees. Most of the data is acquired by satellite tasking from Areas Of Interest (AOI).

Medium resolution

With medium resolution of 3-10 metres optical data you can have cost-efficient and repeatable images from any part of the world. Most of our use cases are for environmental, vegetation and land use monitoring.

Check out example resolutions below:

0,5 m resolution

0,5 m resolution
1,5 m resolution
3 m resolution
10 m resolution
  • 0.5 m resolution

Helsinki, Finland

Mugumu town, Tanzania

Traisteni, Romania

Helsinki Airport, Finland

Kerava, Finland

Puolanka, Finland

Fields in Casalmaggiore, Italy

Loggings in Russia

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