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Does your business need custom maps for business operations or customers applications?

Terramonitor’s Map and Data Hosting is solving a problem when regular and outdated geographical information is not enough. We enable easy access and ready to use service to any optical satellite, raster or vector data from anywhere from the world.

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Main benefits

Maps are updated when needed, instead of being many years old

Pre-processed and ready for production

Easy to take in use via WMTS protocol

All hosting risks taken care by Terramonitor


Space data for business use

Space Data have become accessible and powerful. Hundreds of satellites are orbiting the earth. And more are constantly being sent up. This has opened new opportunities for businesses using geographical information. The maps have become inexpensive, possess high resolution and accessible for everyone. At Terramonitor, we have made the map experience effortless and reliable for business across industries.

Up-to-date Maps

Taking satellite maps into use can be a hassle. There are so many satellite image providers, endless purveyors and various pricing options that even large companies can get overwhelmed. Often times the problem is solved by hiring a specialist to deal with the complex issue. Terramonitor is offering a different approach for companies that want to stay lean with minimal overhead. 

We host maps and ensure that they are delivered to a client through a WMTS protocol. Our Terramonitor platform is optimized for processing satellite images and creating seamless map mosaics that are instantly usable. Our preprocessing algorithms literally save hours and money.

Competitive pricing

As a satellite map specialist Terramonitor has formed close relationships with the leading satellite map providers. We purchase a large amount of images from these providers, which means that our pricing terms are much better than for a regular client. By working with Terramonitor, we are providing an opportunity to access the map images at an exclusive price range.

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Terramonitor Up-to-date Maps solves the problem when regular and outdated geographical information is not enough. You can easily integrate our Up-to-date Maps to your solution.

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The next level

AI Insights

At Terramonitor, we have developed a series of AI tools and methods that can uncover insights that an eye can’t see. Our AI analyzes large data sets, inspects image bands and compare time series to bring out the intelligence from the maps. With the ready-made AI solutions, Terramonitor can enhance maps and bring new value to its clients.

The power of updating maps and data

  • Take control of map refresh and see the latest changes in the land
  • Up-to-date information allows new possibilities
  • Set custom data updating frequency and keep costs under control

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