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Upgrade maps for business operations and customer applications

Terramonitor’s Up-to-date Maps is solving a problem when regular and outdated geographical information is not enough. We enable easy access and ready to use service to optical satellite data from anywhere from the world. At Terramonitor, we have made the map experience effortless and reliable for businesses across industries.

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Always have easy access to the most up-to-date maps

Preprocessed maps ready for integration to your solution

Quick to take in use via our Terramonitor API

All hosting risks taken care by Terramonitor

The power of Up-to-date Maps

Taking satellite maps into use can be a struggle. Finding the right solution among numerous satellite image providers, endless purveyors and various pricing options can easily become overwhelming task. Terramonitor is offering a different approach for companies that want to stay lean with minimal overhead.

With our maps you don’t have to worry about hosting and delivery. Our Terramonitor platform is optimized for processing satellite images and creating seamless map mosaics that are instantly usable via our easy to use API. Our preprocessing algorithms and easy delivery literally save hours and money, allowing new possibilities for your business.

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At Terramonitor, we have developed a series of AI tools and methods that are used for seamless map production. Our AI analyzes large data sets, detects clouds and compare acquisition dates to bring out the best possible collection of up-to-date and high resolution views of the earth. With AI-powered solutions, Terramonitor can enhance maps and bring new value to its clients.

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