VESA Index

Finland’s most extensive space data and AI-based harmful shrub detection service

Terramonitor has developed a machine learning based mapping service, which locates harmful shrubs in Finland's forests. The service provides valuable information for forest professionals about growth states of forests.

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Benefits of VESA Index maps in forest maintenance

The information that is produced in the service is published annually in a report called VESA Index. It provides a status of harmful shrubs' situation in forests and separates the data based on regions of Finland. The goal of the VESA Index is to help forest professionals for cost-effective forest management.

The maps of Terramonitor’s VESA index help forest professionals for fast, easy and financially prudent shrub maintenance. Region-specific maps point the location of shrubs based on algorithmic probability and display the information with color-coded overlays. Based on the map views, the maintenances of forests can be planned predictably, methodically and profitably.

Key benefits

Access to Terramonitor mapping service

All subscribers of VESA Index get access to the Terramonitor service for one year. The service level opens the shrub layer in the advanced Terramonitor mapping service.

The content of VESA Index subscription:

In case you are interested in more than one region, please contact us and we will make you an offer.

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