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Terramonitor is the world's most dynamic, comprehensive and cloud free mapping and analyzing platform of the globe, which consists of over 100 million images. Terramonitor gives professionals the power to analyze, build and organize geographical information into actionable insights by 
leveraging up-to-date satellite and remote sensing data by AI.

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Always have an up-to-date view of your area, no matter where you are. With a constantly updating view, you can monitor new changes in your area. Additional vegetation and false colour maps allow you to analyse status and development of the area.

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Using a reliable input source

With the growth of space industry, the amount of available data for a given land area has become impossible to manage manually. Regardless of your GIS application, you need reliable and coherent input. At Terramonitor, we are able to automate mundane tasks related to finding and preprocessing the relevant satellite data.

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Making most of the information

Sensors on satellites are able to record light at wavelengths we can not normally see. Infrared bands can be used for inspecting hidden features of vegetation, and panchromatic instruments for bringing out details. We offer thematic maps best suited for your specific need as turnkey solutions.

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Smart decisions based on up-to-date satellite data

Our technology is based on the satellite data processing chains, automatic image scanning and multi-source data merging. As a result of this data process, we create new information to support your decisions and processes.

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Built for GIS People

Terramonitor is designed and built by curious GIS People for professional GIS People. We enable you to enrich your existing systems and business decision making processes. Our service is always open to integrate through an API for any GIS system.

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Built for GIS people, compatible with industry leading software.