Reshape your view on the world

Terramonitor is the world's most dynamic, comprehensive and cloud free mapping and analyzing platform of the globe, which consists of over 100 million images. Terramonitor gives professionals the power to analyze, build and organize geographical information into actionable insights by 
leveraging up-to-date satellite data and AI.

Smart forestry

Manage, detect and monitor your forest and always have an up-to-date view of the areas, no matter where you are. With a constantly updating view, you can monitor new loggings, forest roads or other significant changes. Additional vegetation and false colour maps allow you to analyse the vegetation status and its development.

Intelligent infrastructure

Terramonitor reveals the secrets of infrastructure. Monitor the development of a road network, powerline or airport construction of your choice with Terramonitor's satellite view.

Modern agriculture

Smart agriculture means using all the available tools to provide a better, healthier and more sustainable future for humans, animals and the whole globe. Terramonitor allows you to see and monitor crop fields from space, and detect any dryness and damage that might occur.

Changing environment

The world is changing. Natural catastrophes cause upheavals of both environmental and sociological significance; melting glaciers are already affecting our day-to-day lives. Terramonitor allows you to track environmental changes, see their impact across the globe and use the data to make better decisions today and tomorrow.

Leave the guesswork on the ground

Smart decisions based on up-to-date satellite data

Our technology is based on the satellite data processing chains, automatic image scanning and multi-source data merging. As a result of this data process, we create new information to support your decisions and processes.

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Open API
Built for GIS People

Terramonitor is designed and built by curious GIS People for professional GIS People. We enable you to enrich your existing systems and business decision making processes. Our service is always open to integrate through an API for any GIS system.

Plays nicely with others

Built for GIS people, compatible with industry leading software.