Terramonitor Labs is our R&D function. We collaborate with the Labs department on large scale projects with research consortiums and research institutions, but also with customized services for private companies. We have a high expertise in utilising optical satellite data and combining it with other data sources. Our role in the projects involves combining machine learning with AI with Space Data.

Here are some references of the Labs projects we are involved in.

Green calibration

Terrestrial calibration sites are used for calibration and quality assurance of all high-resolution satellites. Using calibrated satellite images significantly increases the accuracy of satellite-based analysis related to climate change, biodiversity loss and carbon sequestration.

The goal of the Green Calibration project is to design and deploy an automated calibration site and to perform an accuracy assessment of the technology in Southern Finland.

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SatNetMonitor increases efficiency in network maintenance and improves the reliability of electricity networks. Cloud based SatNetMonitor gives the network owners a new way of securing the network operation, speeding up troubleshooting, anticipating maintenance needs, preventing incidents, and detecting additional structures in and around the network. In extreme situations like storms, the system enables to see fast the immediate changes in the vegetation close to the network.

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The Forest Carbon Monitoring project developed and implemented a prototype of a reliable and cost-efficient monitoring and accounting platform for forest carbon stock based on satellite remote sensing approaches supported by in-situ datasets.

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HEDIMED is a medical project that deals with Immune-mediated diseases (IMD). Our role in the project is to provide data and study, based on satellite data, how and what kind of effects our environment can have on these diseases. The Project is led by University of Tampere together with 19 other consortium members from Europe. Project is funded by the European Commission and takes place in 2020-2023.

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Assesscarbon project developed and demonstrated at a pre-operational level an approach for large area forest biomass and carbon modelling in Forestry TEP, combining ground reference data, Sentinel-2 imagery and primary production modelling.

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The consortium members will combine their technologies, expertise and data to develop a platform for producing global, live, boreal forest inventory and maps from satellite data. Terramonitor is a developing a satellite data workflow to be used further analysing by the other consortium members in Canada and Finland.


Metsähallitus, “Forest Administration” is a state-owned enterprise responsible of managing the Government owned forests and land in Finland. In the Innovation project Terramonitor acts as a Space Data provider for the main contractor CollectiveCrunch Ltd that provide more accurate forest inventory information crunching multiple data sources.


In the SatNet project Terramonitor acts as a strategic subcontractor to HeadPower Oy. HeadPower and Terramonitor are developing new services for electricity distribution companies (TSO and DSO) based on a Earth Observation data from satellites. The project is funded by European Space Agency.


In the project Teramonitor developed and piloted Sentinel-2 based forest logging detection tool for Finland’s Forest Centre. The technology was tested and prooved to be most accurate and comprehensive tool in Finland. The project was funded by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Sentinel Success Story


In the Shrub Mapping project, funded by ESA, Terramonitor acted as a main contractor of developing a Copernicus data based harmful shrubs detection service for forestry. As a result Terramonitor published the first satellite data based service for seedling stand management in 2019.

COPERNICUS Business Incubation

Terramonitor was the first Finnish company to be chosen to Copernicus incubation  as a result of a successful European Space Agency (ESA) business incubation program. Copernicus program supports the most innovative and commercially promising business applications based on Copernicus data and services. The program is funded by the European Commission.

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